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  • Sun: Aquarius, 8th house (possible monetary gain, may suffer early loss of father or husband, have deep insights, strive for self improvement)
  • Moon: Virgo, 3rd house (very feminine, think emotionally, dislike routine and life marked by many short trips)
  • Mercury: Capricorn, 7th house (seek intelectual compatibility in marriage partner, adaptable to all sorts of people)
  • Earth: Aquarius, 8th house (signifies wealth)
  • Venus: Pisces, 9th house
  • Mars: Gemini, 11th house (have definite goals and objecties in life that you actively persue, quarrelsome)
  • Jupiter: Leo, 1st house (cheerful dispositiion, optimistic, kind, expansive)
  • Saturn: Capricorn, 7th house (cautious about marriage, may arry someone older, may benifit monetarily through marriage, take commitment seriously)
  • Uranus: Capricorn, 6th house (erratic and impatient, health subject to unusual complaints that are difficult to treat, difficulty in devotion to a task)
  • Neptune: Capricorn, 6th house (sensitive to surroundings and associates, health is subject to strange ailments, desire to help the unfortunate, inclined to laziness and merely driffting along)
  • Pluto: Scorpio, 5th house (impetuous and passionate, will follow desires where they lead you, EXAGERATE IMPORTANCE OF LOVE AFFAIRS UNTIL YOU BECOME INTENSELY INVOLVED, harbor resentment against past love)
  • South Node (past life): Cancer, 1st house (maternal, family orriented)
  • North Node (life's aim): Capricorn, 7th house (need to become more responsible, especially in relationships)
  • Chiron (magical wound): Cancer (issues with mother)
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