• "you won't let me make any bad decisions tonight right?"-Kellie

"yep... you can only give your numbers to the hot ones."-brett

  • "i have a feeling i'm going to dream about cupcakes... mini cupcakes. my eyes have only been closed for two minutes. but i see cupcakes"-kellie
  • "i feel like i'm hallucinating. the cupcakes are floating around everywhere." -kellie
  • "no you pick up...i don't want to answer the phone. well... i called back and they didn't answer... not my fault, not my fault."-kellie
  • "I can't find my play ticket... but on the bright side I found that Windsor Castle tour guide book Sara lent us. So I can finally return it late." -Kellie
  • "woo hoo!" -Kellie "wait, why did you say that?"-me "I'm just congratulating myself on doing what my printmaking teacher asked me to do." -Kellie
  • "I only want to focus on london and school during the week... the boys can be for the weekend. but the week needs to be london and then school."-Kellie
  • "i need to go update my listography now...."-Kellie Me: "Why?... OHHHHH!" "how am i at 9? well, whatever, i want it to be 10 before i leave london."-kellie "Oh girl, you'll hit 15 just over the weekend."-Me
  • Me: "Did you just leap?" "Yes, I was born to be a leprechaun. I used to want to be one. Such a weird aspiration."-Kellie
  • "Nothing screams TIPSY like spelling the words in a text wrong."-Kellie
  • Me: "So they aren't coming? whatever... look at my status" Kellie: "Yeah! Take that BIOTCHES!"
  • "Do you empty your trash (on your mac)."-Kellie "Duh Kellie..."-Me "No one every told me that."- Kellie "WOW. How long have you had your mac?"-Me "Three years."-Kellie "EPIC FAIL"-Me
  • "I have the worst combination of all those songs stuck in my head... it's like "baby baby baby, fuck you, and then i made it. This is terrible."-Kellie
  • "I think I just electrocuted myself... I felt a SURGE in my body." -Kellie
  • "I had this song stuck in my head "Love, love, love" I love it."-Me "Really? every time I hear it I think that I should be high... I've never been high... but..."-Kellie "What?? I think of christmas, snow, and fairy lights."-Me "Wow, we have totally different viewpoints."-Kellie
  • "When I'm older I'm going to get a goat and name it Snowflake... after that Malibu commercial."-Kellie
  • Me: "My 13 year old neighbor is "in a relationship" on facebook... oh my." Kellie: "What is happening to our youth. I feel like we're old ladies."
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