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I'm 16, nonbinary, and otherkin. You can contact me through my main instagram(ghostkid.succs), my side account(yyalter), or my kin account(irlphilip). I am always open for discussing quadrants, memories, or just for talking. I love making new friends!!

Marco follows:

Both APH Ukraine and Philip Hamilton are me! I'm just telling you this, because I'd love to point out that if you kin with Ukraine or Philip as well, and you're uncomfy with doubles, it'd be best for you not to follow me! I'm almost always in this shift, and I'm always fronting them in some sort of way. They aren't IDs, rather, they are literally me! I am always open to talk about memories, and I really want to find my family and friends from my timelines, but honestly just talking to someone that kins with a character I was close with would make me happy!

I haven't found anyone from my timelines, sadly, but honestly if you tagged me as Ukraine or Philip in things you post, I'd be simply ecstatic!! I love you all, and thank you for reading this!

Now that I know you've read my listography, the password is just a picture of me (Ukraine or Philip) or you can send me a yellow or blue emoji!! Thank you! ♡

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