• Sky dive
  • Deep sea diving
  • Travel unprepared to a foreign country and just try to survive on my own
  • Easily initiate conversations
  • Take to the seas on my own sail boat!
  • Wear shorts more often
  • Not wear shorts when swimming
  • Go bra-less (sensibly, with a thick sweatshirt or something)
  • Raise my hand and answer confidently
  • Do a cartwheel whenever I want
  • Be the first one on the dance floor
  • Do what I want, not worrying about what people will think
  • Go running alone
  • Romance
  • Get in the kitchen and just CREATE
  • Paint a picture, and hang it
  • Create and share poetry
  • Venture deep into a cave..
  • Watch scary movies
  • Go to Knott's Scary Farm
mar 31 2011 ∞
apr 28 2011 +
user picture Julia: Things I wish I were brave enough to do: be more like Rachel Teague, in all her courage and amazingness and general awesomeness. <3 apr 19 2011
user picture Rachel: PSH I wish I was brave enough to get into HARVARD. haha <3 I actually consider myself kind of a scardy cat. I mean.. have you seen me during Halloween?? I get super scared easily! And not to mention that movie we watched. Quarantine. apr 28 2011