brief list of:

  • identity
  • health
  • extra

~ identity ~

  • Elli/Elliot/E, they/them and she/her, age 18-20s "physical appearance" and about the same mentally but is a special case due to being inhuman
  • possibly aroace due to trauma; demigirl
  • formed/appeared November of 2016
  • part of subsystem B

& kintypes &

  • Elliot and/or As.h //do not look up these characters if you have issue with art involving abuse and gore or lingerie//we DO NOT associate with the fandom or artist//
  • BJD
  • rabbit
  • eldritch/demon
  • fae?

+ health +

  • autistic
  • trauma from past abuse that was physical, sexual, and emotional
  • likely BPD

~ extra ~

  • loves horror stuff
  • LOVES pastel colors and clothes and lacy clothes; their style is like mixes of fairy kei, cult party kei, pastel goth, and lingerie
  • role: -shrug emoji-
  • some of this info applies to Ash but we have for now assumed that Ash is a kintype/facet of Kar's, a trauma holder specifically, and Elli is separate!
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