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System Context

  • emotional help/relief, travelers
  • birthdays tba / canon bdays
  • arrived in system May 5th 2019

Identity and Self

  • names: Jade & Rose
  • both ladies but with a slight leaning towards neutrality; nebularian
  • she/her or they/them
  • young adults, possibly 19 and 20
  • dunno orientations but they're dating each other


  • Jade Harley | Homestuck
  • Rose Lalonde | Homestuck


  • bright pinks and purples
  • sort of psychedelic colors
  • cats
  • each other

About Jade

  • :)
  • calmer than sunflower/og jade but still cheery
  • my god tier outfit was a bit different than canon, with very dark blues and possibly some gold detail, also pants
  • rose is a lovely person and i'm thankful for her company in this new place
  • in headspace I'm not white, I'm likely southeast asian!

About Rose

  • not perfect grammar but generally starts sentences with capitalization
  • is either influenced by Jade to be more relaxed or its a cofronting thing
  • Jade does relax me though
  • my god tier is less drastically different to the canon one but it had bright blue lining to match the shoes and a reddish sari
  • I am, in headspace, black


  • N/A


  • unknown at the moment
may 6 2019 ∞
oct 14 2019 +