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  • Eddie Gluskin from Outlast
  • Susie from Deltarune
  • animal death/injury (talk is okay, just not detailed)
  • trypophobic images
  • hospital tubing (like IV bags, etc.)
  • needles
  • self-harm (just images)

things that make me uncomfortable, but don't need to be tagged:

  • mentions/jokes of rape
  • demonizing schizo people or mental illness in general
  • excessive (almost obsessive) love for a character I'm kin with
    • includes any kind of "perverse" love
  • ppl using "queer" or "faggot"
    • i'm okay with people i know who use it a lot, for either jokes or just in general! otherwise, i'd prefer to get to know you better first before you throw it around

catchall tag:

  • no czone
mar 10 2018 ∞
dec 7 2018 +