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  • 22 years old (gemini)
  • any pronouns
  • bi
  • Single
  • I live in New Jersey and go to school in New York City
  • American citizen
  • Ethnically Jewish (Ashkenazi & Mizrahi)
  • I write now and again
  • My birth name is Mallory, which you can call me if you want. My other birth name is חַוָּהחנה
  • I only speak English fluently but me learning japanese jhaha *cries*
  • I dislike getting involved with drama, it's fine if you want to vent to me now and again if we're close but I try to avoid those sorts of things
  • I am 22 so if you're younger please keep that in mind ww
mar 22 2016 ∞
jun 27 2019 +