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《 softblock if unfollowing 》

【 quick facts 】

  • red
  • 20 〔 '97er 〕
  • college student
  • south jersey, USA〔 i go to school in vermont 〕
  • white sicilian 〔 jewish on my mothers side but not followed 〕
  • genderflux 〔 he/him + she/her, use she/her if mutuals only 〕
  • demi〔 +poly/pansexual 〕
  • 〔 tmi disclaimer 〕im capable of being sexual in any situation, i just wont enjoy it if i dont have a connection to the other person/people
  • artist 〔 animation major 〕
  • neuroatypical & neurodivergent
  • himchan and ztao enthusiast
  • professional coffee guzzler

【 statistics 】

mbti: INTP

sun sign: sagittarius

moon sign: scorpio

mercury sign: sagittarius

ascendant sign: capricorn

alignment: chaotic neutral

temperament: chloric/melancholic

enneagram: type 5, the investigator/type 8, the challenger

soul type: scholar/artisan

hogwarts house: slytherin

pokemon go team: valor

【 contacts 】

FC: 2595-2706-2687

curiouscat: cnu

snapchat: kirugon

discord: zitao#6864

facebook: ask

skype: meruems

instagram: monotomii

【 disclaimers 】

sometimes i talk about depressing topics like death/self hate/etc in joking manners and typically dont tag these things, though i try not to be negative in speech. i havent been doing this as much recently though!! i drink fairly often and im technically a minor where i live, though its all tagged. i sometimes smoke pot too but i hardly talk about it. because of the political changes happening recently, i talk a lot about them since i do live in america, and i dont tag it typically. i also curse a LOT and constantly type in caps lock, so i wouldnt follow if this stuff bothers/scares you.

if i ever accidentally make fun of something you like, dont tag a trigger you need tagged, or say something offensive, you can totally dm me me about it. im very bad at keeping up with dms because of my horrid attention span, so i might be in and out.

i lock sometimes i can get pretty paranoid for almost no reason. im also extremely emotionally detached in most situations, and typically have neutral feelings for almost everyone on my timeline. if you think i have you muted, dont worry! i have no one muted at all ever.

dec 31 2015 ∞
jan 23 2018 +