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    mind ꒰★꒱

    • don't seek external validation
    • you will get through this night ♡
    • the only person who should be building you up is yourself

    body ꒰♬꒱

    • you are unconditionally gorgeous even in your rawest moments
    • finding your gender expression is a journey — it'll have highs and lows. learn to love yourself throughout the journey.
    • your feelings > their perception

    soul ꒰♡꒱

    • always show compassion even for the uncompassionate
    • give people grace no matter where it gets you
    • mistakes don't make you a bad person
    • choose recovery, not short-lived serotonin rushes
    • never stop being a good person because of bad people
    • mistakes do not determine your character, your reactions do
    • let go of the fear of being walked on, and be kind
    • be one of your own best friends


jul 18 2023 ∞
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