• my hogwarts house is ravenclaw
  • harry potter, sherlock holmes, percy jackson & the olympians and the chronicles of narnia are my favorite book series ♡
  • mythology + fairy tales
  • my favorite colors are: pink, yellow and green
  • i play league of legends a lot and i'm a taliyah main ♡
  • travelling is one of my passions ♡ㅤ ㅤ
  • i love collecting stuff: k-pop albums; stickers; enamel pins; plushies; figures; mangas and much more
  • my first kpop concert was block b (170228) and it was also the first concert i ever went to ♡
  • infinite love for animation/cartoon movies ♡
  • cherry and peach blossoms are my favourites ♡
  • i think ducklings are adorable ♡
  • my favorite fruits are: apples and cherries
  • i'm an asian and middle east food lover ♡
  • horror, mystery & fantasy are my favorite genres ♡
  • a rick riordan's and dan brown's books enthusiastic ♡
oct 14 2017 ∞
jul 16 2020 +