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  • On Thanksgiving, when I was younger, during dinner, I heard the cable box click on... I asked myself "what was that?" as I glanced over into the next room, from the dinner table; The TV then turned on by itself, changed one channel, and then it all shut off at once.
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  • Also during a dinner, the blender in the kitchen turned on then off very quickly not even getting up to speed but, it was a loud enough distraction that caused us to look up right as the outside light switch turned off. (when we looked, the switch had actually changed to the off position.)
      • Story 3
  • In my High-School years I got a nice Aiwa stereo; One day I was sitting in my room listening to music, when I saw the display light up and the volume quickly drop... when I got up to raise it, it went all the way up to max Volume... I turned it off. This happened multiple times.
      • Story 4
  • I was driving to work one early morning during the winter a few years back (maybe 2006) about a block from my house I saw some kid on the side of the road throwing snowballs, and thought to myself if this kid hits my car I'll kill him... Out of nowhere, a kid is in the middle of the road directly in front of my car but, I have no time to stop; as he throws the snowball at my windshield I drive right through him and get this chill throughout my body; snow hits my car, and I turn to see who did it... NOBODY was there (this all happened in a matter of seconds)
      • Story 5
  • Some years ago I was sleeping with my gf, and in the middle of the night something abruptly woke me up; I opened my eyes & while raising up I saw an old lady who went to poke me in the eye... She did, I made a weird noise and woke up my gf, who thought I was nuts... but, I couldn't open my eye.
      • Story 6
  • When I was younger, I would see silhouettes of people, usually my grandma or my mom sitting on my desk chair or peeking into my room from the doorway... I'd stare at them and pretend I was sleeping... I was so scared I'd just stay perfectly still... Neither one of them were dead, but I swear I saw them... they'd eventually fade away.
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