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Suggestions Welcomed Just leave Comments

  • Have better Color Choices
    • make more customizable in general
      • More text editing options
      • Picture size options for photo lists
      • Caption option for photo lists
      • Periodically, auto save "drafts" into a private drafts section, as to not lose lists by accident
  • Calender on left linking to the lists made on that day
  • Ability to create new folders in addition to Main and Ongoing, etc. etc.
  • Ability to share a particular list via FB
  • Availability to backdate entries
  • Private Messaging
  • List Print Feature
  • an iPhone app

I'd like to say I love the newly added "alphabetize feature!" and it's nice to finally see a bit of an update... great work! Thank you to the Listography team!

mar 17 2009 ∞
may 15 2012 +
user picture Kim: good! now listography needs to add it haha =) mar 23 2009
user picture Holly: I would love an iPhone app! It's a bit hard to navigate the website through the regular browser on the phone and an app would be excellent! apr 13 2010
user picture Jonathan: How about being able to have numbered lists instead of just bulleted lists...?
user picture Doug: Well Jonathan... You can in fact have numbered lists. It's in the options. However I believe they can improve upon the "numbering sub-categories". Use letters instead of numbers, and you'll see what I mean once you start using numbered lists
user picture Jonathan: @Doug - Thanks - Apparently I'm blind. apr 15 2010
user picture Amanda: I hope they add these features, I especially liked the idea of private messaging. The thought has never occurred to me before, but now that I saw it here on your list, it really strikes me as a kickass idea. How great wouldn't it be to be able to pm other members? :) Great suggestions! jul 4 2010
user picture Taleeya: I would love it if I could add a list to my favourites, and not a user (which means ALL of their lists get added to favourites) sep 17 2010
user picture Doug: good idea nov 17 2011