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I have had many run-ins with the Suffolk County Police Dept. and the like... here's the list... but, don't get the wrong idea.

      • First Encounter
  • Driving back to school, from the mall, with my girlfriend at the time, This silver Honda was driving obnoxiously slow, so when he went to stop at the stop sign I blew by him... 20 seconds later he was behind me with his lights on pulling me over; he walked up to the car and said "smooth move." The only reason he didn't give me a ticket, I'm sure, was the fact I had a girl in the car, and maybe that I had no record.
      • Second Encounter
  • I went to visit the same girlfriend at work on my lunch break, who happened to have a DvD of mine in her car, I had a copy of her car key on my key chain and told her I was going to take it. I did, then wrote her a little note; This car was the shittiest car I have ever seen) I got in my car and drove back to work but, following me was a little green car. I tried to lose him but when I got into the parking lot of my job, I was surrounded by six cop cars, they told me to shut off my engine, put my hands on the hood, and they searched me and the car. They asked why I was looking at that car, as if I would try to steal that thing without a hood and broken headlights. ASSHOLES. scared the shit out of me.
      • Third Encounter
  • Driving home from cutting school and going to Panera with the same girlfriend again, on a gorgeous day,(the girlfriend in another car, we went back to my house) A cheap looking maroon car followed us to a stop light, threw on his lights and cut us both off, giving us both tickets, which later resulted in both our licenses being restricted. In court, the judge says to me, "Oh, this is your first offense, you should have said something, I would have given you a lighter sentence."
      • Fourth Encounter
  • Racing over to the very same girls house, I pulled out of a gas station rather quickly, blowing a stop sign and consequentially getting pulled over about 2 miles later for doing so; The officers bombarded me, yelling at me, and asking if I read about the local guys who just died in a car accident... More cop cars came and sat around as well, while they took turns harassing me. They went back and picked up a gum wrapper I had thrown out my window and said if I went to court they'd write me another ticket for littering. I went to court and the officer(s) didn't show up. The case was dropped. This court date actually came before the Second Encounter's court date.
      • Fifth Encounter
  • New girlfriend and just before prior court dates; I drove us down to a cliff with a view on her break from school, it was in a community with it's own subdivision police dept., I parked where it said no parking and got a ticket, for that, and no registration or insurance card on me, my girlfriend was pissed because she told me not to, then told me she heard a car, which I ignored... Later I went to court and paid the parking ticket as well as some fee. About a year or two after that I received a letter in the mail saying they had no right to even practice it's own law in that community, and that there would be a civil suit i can either opt out of or do noting and stay in; I later learned that they had won the case and I got a check in the mail for $600. With this check I was told this was the guaranteed minimum payout, and whatever is unclaimed will then be split up and sent out... I then got another check for about $400.
      • Sixth Encounter
  • Same New girlfriend time period, we had all packed out my car for a day in the city (horrible day with the people involved) Immediately upon entering Manhattan, we were issued two seat belt tickets, just down the road we came to a red light and I inched over the line before my complete stop... the asshole in my back seat rolls down the window to ask the cop standing there if we can go (there was a parade so the intersecting block was closed.) The cop says "Excuse me, can you go? Why could you go? You are already over the line I can give you a ticket for that." There was a short tiff and I wanted to kill the dickhead talking back to the cop; he let us go so we could... NOT enjoy the rest of our fucked up day (a story in itself)
      • Seventh Encounter
  • While on my restricted use license I was driving to that second Girlfriends house, when I decided to go through a stop sign. Long story short I paid the stop sign ticket in court and got the blinker one thrown out.
      • Eighth Encounter
  • A couple years passed and I was no longer with those girls... a new one perhaps, I paid my Drivers Assessment Fee of 100 dollars a year for three years, and I got pulled over for speeding, and as the officer put it, "driving like an ass." He let me go with a harsh warning.
      • Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Encounter
  • Various stop sign and seat belt tickets in NYC and the Island.
      • Twelfth Encounter
  • I was following a cop car for 10 exits, who then moved over and I decided to slowly inch pass him... bad move I guess because he was in a pissy mood and immediately veered behind me with his light on. I went to court last month and argued my case, the judge found everyone guilty all morning and clearly saw that my officer was an ass in my situation. It was dismissed.
      • Thirteenth Encounter
  • I was being bored and loathing myself or my situation with a female, so I sped down my local road, got pulled over and I have a court date next week; I'm scared.

Now I know there have been more than I listed, such as loud late-night parties that got broken up, or minor things, and fender benders, and I am sure there are bound to be more in the future; it seams I cannot go a full year with out some sort of police drama. We'll see.

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