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  • I have a list of "Words I am uncomfortable saying"
  • I'm a Narcissist, but still self conscious.
  • I frequently burst into random song
  • I have full-fledged conversations w/ my cat... and myself.
      • They say you can talk to yourself, and even answer yourself but, if you argue w/ your answers you are clinically insane... (__I should be put away__)
  • I am sometimes a bit of a recluse but, always wish I was out doing something different.
  • I alphabetized my entire movie collection (roughly 500+)
  • Sometimes in order to get to sleep, I do something that resembles humping the bed. I am merely shaking my booty to get comfy; I understand this is still odd.
  • I can shift my scalp. ...and do.
    • you may have to see this to understand
  • I'm a Clepto
    • MANIAC
  • I drink my HOT Chocolate, COLD
    • It has to be made hot... But I either wait until it cools, or cool it down w/ ice.
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