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  • walked past vernon choi 280816
  • hi touched svt 280816
  • said i love you to every member in svt but then said tyvm to minghao because he was at the end of the line and getting shamed for it by my friends; never forgetting that shit because i feel bad about it even 5 years later 280816
  • saw bts for the first time 100715
  • saw got7 for the first time (we are not going to talk about how my delusional ass thought jaebeom was waving (???) at me even though i was 400000 kms away from the stage lmfao) 200417
  • saw exo for the first time (my 13 year old self would have been fucking ecstatic because they were my ults and first kpop group ever) 220917
  • hi touched victon (it wasn't a hi touch, they literally shook my hand and i sorta just d*ed on the spot lmao) 220917
  • hi touched monsta x 230917
  • saw blackpink for the first time 150619
  • graduated from high school 280919
  • hi touched day6 and told jae that i love him very much 171119
sep 15 2019 ∞
nov 23 2021 +