• Kitchen Aid mixer with attachments
  • Apple computer--GOT OCTOBER 2009
  • Digital kitchen food scale
  • Sewing machine (mine's old and broke down)
  • Phillip Starck Louis Ghost chair (matching child's chair for Paige)
  • Barcelona chair and matching ottoman
  • Eames lounger and matching ottoman
  • An old beater pickup truck (for when I have my farm)
  • IKEA Billy Bookcases so I can create my library in our spare room
  • Delicious Library Software and handheld scanner-by Apple; catalogs your books, cds, movies, electronic equipment, etc. Too awesome for words!
aug 10 2009 ∞
nov 15 2010 +
user picture deniselouise: What about a husband who helps around the house? Or do you need a Fairy Godmother for that? aug 22 2009
user picture azfille: Yeah, that would be nice, too...also, maybe to be an only child, but I guess it's a little late for that! aug 26 2009
user picture deniselouise: So you need to add "time machine" so you can back and warn your parents not to have your siblings. ;-) sep 1 2009
user picture Mahou: I saw a sparkly black Kitchen Aid mixer in Copenhagen. It was too cute for words. nov 11 2009
user picture azfille: Ok, totally want the mixer! Also, the time machine wouldn't hurt, either. Oh the tales I would create with that one! nov 16 2009
user picture deniselouise: Well if you get a time machine, I want to borrow it!! apr 3 2010
user picture deniselouise: You need to check off the Apple computer! =) aug 28 2010