• ENH222 - to get my BA in English
aug 6 2009 ∞
aug 6 2009 +
user picture Mahou: ENH = England's History? It's awesome that you're stydying again!! aug 7 2009
user picture azfille: Actually, it's English Literature - the Romantic Period. It'd be awesome...if my husband would watch the freakin' baby so I could actually do my schoolwork! I should have known I'll never be able to go back and properly finish school! aug 10 2009
user picture azfille: Just to update you about the class....my idiot husband wouldn't watch the baby so I could complete the reading/assignments, so I had to withdrawal. It's annoying! This was the only class I need to complete a Bachelor's in English. And he keeps telling me to go to law school! Could you imagine?!!! nov 16 2009