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  • adventure time
  • black mirror
  • bob's burgers [s7]
  • crazy ex girlfriend
  • daredevil [2.06]
  • fresh off the boat [s3]
  • friday night lights s4
  • gilmore girls s7
  • orange is the new black
  • regular show
  • steven universe [3.04]
  • the good place
  • the mindy project [5.07]
  • this is england '90 [1.04]

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  • haikyuu!! [ep 10]
  • mob psycho 100
  • parasyte [ep 2]
  • samurai champloo [ep 19]
  • shingeki no kyojin [ep 18]
  • you who came from the stars [ep 14]

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  • archer
  • bojack horseman
  • boku no hero academia
  • broad city
  • brooklyn nine nine
  • crazy ex girlfriend
  • girls
  • master of none
  • new girl
  • one-punch man ?
  • playing house
  • review
  • rick and morty
  • scrotal recall
  • sense8
  • silicon valley
  • the venture bros
  • unbreakable kimmy schmidt
  • veep
  • you're the worst

intermittently watching...

  • agent carter [1.08] season finale
  • arrow s2
  • better call saul [1.05]
  • community [5.12]
  • cougar town [5.04]
  • elementary [2.15]
  • fargo s2
  • fresh meat [2.01]
  • game of thrones
  • hannibal [2.02]
  • how to get away with murder [2.03]
  • izombie [2.14]
  • jane the virgin s2
  • jessica jones
  • last man on earth [1.09]
  • luther
  • malcolm in the middle [season 3]
  • mr robot [1.02]
  • orphan black season 2
  • peaky blinders [1.02]
  • please like me
  • psych [season 4]
  • sherlock [2.02]
  • sleepy hollow
  • suits [3.01]
  • teen wolf [3.17]
  • the flash
  • the hour [2.02]
  • the knick
  • the league
  • the thick of it [2.01]
  • the wire [5.02]
  • togetherness [1.04]
  • true detective [1.06]
  • workaholics [4.02]
may 20 2010 ∞
nov 13 2016 +
user picture Karina: misfits? sep 1 2010
user picture maryly: hfgfhghg, whjat aure thouse numbgers at thae ende sep 6 2010
user picture nabila.:, mariam ! you cant even type right ! sep 7 2010
user picture vi: HAHAHA OMG yeah... mariam.. idk, you're really strange. which numbers? the dates? those are when the shows are coming back.. and the other numbers are the ep # im on
user picture nabila.: hey, youre watching pushing daisies !
user picture vi: i was! like 2 years ago hoho, but i had abandoned it before season 2 ended.. did you finish the series?
user picture nabila.: i watched a couple of the 1st two episodes of 1st season, but then ppl were saying the series was weird. so i stopped. so is it worth watching?
user picture vi: duuude it's good weird, cuz the idea was very original! you should continue watching it (and so should i), the first season was really good :D
user picture nabila.: hahah, kk, i'll continue to watch it when i get the chance. (..i still havent finished veronica's s3 yettt. hurm)
user picture vi: oh lord! go finish vmars!! i thought you said you were watching it on tv or whatever :O sep 8 2010
user picture nabila.: yeahh ! i am. its playing on dubai one. im going to watch the rerun of this week's episode tom. ;D
user picture kim: ICON C-C-CHANGE oct 2 2010
user picture maryly: lol where did i get that typing from???? :O, twitch twitch nov 22 2010
user picture vi: ? lol what?
user picture maryly: you should cross somethings from here, its like really long and non-progressive nov 26 2010
user picture vi: lol i have no problem with this list being long! and i don't cross stuff off shows... idk if you notice, but the episode numbers on my "watched list" actually changes everyday
user picture maryly: lol how would i remmeber the whole ep number and stuff...anyways, i just activated my "tell me if there is a new comment" link and i hate how they send it to the email, erghh, now ill have like my inbox full of noreply nofications, but its better than nothing. whats the best show in ur opinion?
user picture vi: LOL, oh mariam. hmmmmmm EXTREMELY hard question. out of the ones i'm watching right now, i like community and misfits the most! but everything else i still lovelove (except maybe glee... lol)
user picture maryly: haha see too long, too hard. hmm may be misfits ill watch, what about korean?, i prefer those. i saw alot of people have dexter on their lists? is that like really dexter the cartoon? cooool i like that show
user picture vi: you should seriously consider clicking "reply" cuz if this was on your list, i wouldnt get notifications. really? it's kind of... innapropriate lol... nope dexter is a tv show about a serial killer haha, although i DO like dexter the cartoon! :D. and korean... i dont really watch that many .. you should ask someone else
user picture maryly: how is dexter innapropriate? dont u mean the one with the scientist nerd kid and his girly sister? thats not bad right? i only watched a bunch a long time ago, so i dont know...k i guess ill ask karina or nabila though i know they give me two different opinions. hm
user picture vi: oh, im talking about how misfits is innapropriate. but dexter is too.. and i also said it's about a serial killer, so you can imagine what kind of weird things happen in an episode lol. ask them on their lists ;)
user picture Karina: ooooh... i've been planning to watch parks and recreation too! jan 15 2011