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Just a twenty-one year old Parisian girl. Frivolous, aesthetic and dilettante, I am constantly in search of wonders of all kinds. Jane Austen nerd. Was born to love music & art. Can't live without coffee & love. Can spend a whole day just reading books and watching films. Feels old, but not very wise. Yes she's a dreamer, a modern girl with a romantic streak .

My whole life is based on Art and ...

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  • Waking up early in order to eat cereals & drink orange juice in silence, when my parents and my brother are sleeping.
  • Watching tv-shows & films
  • Reading a book in my garden under the cherry tree.
  • Taking a bath and listening to Chopin.
  • Cleaning my room.
  • DIY - like boxes for my magazines, important papers, vinyls etc.
  • Searching for new clothes online.
  • Thinking about my future as an English teacher, how I will decorate my flat, and stuff like that.
  • Baking.

to be continued

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