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Just a twenty-one year old Parisian girl. Frivolous, aesthetic and dilettante, I am constantly in search of wonders of all kinds. Jane Austen nerd. Was born to love music & art. Can't live without coffee & love. Can spend a whole day just reading books and watching films. Feels old, but not very wise. Yes she's a dreamer, a modern girl with a romantic streak .

My whole life is based on Art and ...

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  • listening to the rain in my bed while watching an Austenian film and drinking coffee
  • reading books
  • walking in the rain
  • walking in paris at night
  • listening to she and him
  • autumn/spring and sometimes winter
  • sunday mornings when I read
  • falling asleep listening to chopin
  • watching my favorite shows
  • going out with lea / margaux
  • Paris' quais de la Seine
  • walking alone in Paris with a book and my camera.
  • taking pictures
  • drawing in my moleskine
  • seeing my closest friends
  • falling asleep in the car at night when we're going home
  • browsing beautiful blogs
  • when I feel inspired
  • watching my lovely cat sleeping on my legs <3
  • knowing that no matter what happens next, I'll always love people
  • my ring (I'm so cheesy)
  • playing the piano
  • laughing.
  • snow (+ acting like a child in the snow)
oct 30 2008 ∞
apr 27 2015 +