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Just a twenty-one year old Parisian girl. Frivolous, aesthetic and dilettante, I am constantly in search of wonders of all kinds. Jane Austen nerd. Was born to love music & art. Can't live without coffee & love. Can spend a whole day just reading books and watching films. Feels old, but not very wise. Yes she's a dreamer, a modern girl with a romantic streak .

My whole life is based on Art and ...

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  • Loving people
  • Having Léa, Cosima & Margaux as my best friends
  • My parents
  • My cats
  • Being in love with music
  • Being able to create something from my mind
  • Being passionate about literature
  • Having a roof, a bed, money, clothes
  • Paris
  • Being sensitive
  • Knowing that I'll always be loved
  • Having a job that I actually like
  • My friends
  • The Internet
  • Being both calm and excited
  • Coffee. That's a fact my life would be empty without coffee.
  • Jane Austen
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