Nerrin or just Nerr is fine. I'm a human being who wants to live free, travel more, blog a little better and graduate from university. Preferably all at the same time. I write. I love traveling and I dig the bohemian lifestyle aesthetic. Probably a hippie; an INTP/J.

I blog sometimes. Mostly about otome games or other 2D media for female audiences!

I've got a ton of fandoms but I like most things that have cultural, historical, literary or religious motifs. I also like reading books. Mystery and punk genres are my favorites. I enjoy games like CoC (TRPG) or Jinrou.

Fandoms & Favorites

  • Fate/Type-Moon
    • THE TOP BIASES; Andersen, Lancelot, Nightingale, Ozymandias, Caster Gil, Sanzhang
    • OTHER BIASES; Arash, Beowulf, Archer, Roman, Amadeus, Billy, Tawara Touta, Helena, Amakusa, David, Merlin
    • I also ship almost everything and anything.
  • Tsukipro
    • Tsukiuta; Kai, Shun, Mizuki, Tsubaki
    • ALIVE; Mamoru, Nozomu
    • SQ; SolidS & Quell in general
    • Algeki; Sakuya, Yuuri
  • Touken Ranbu
    • Manba, Kasen, Nikkari, Aizen
    • Dategumi, Starter swords
  • YuGiOh
    • I've watched every generation but my favorites overall are IV, Vector and Yugo.
  • Pokemon
    • I like Gulpin, Hawlucha, Bewear and think Sigilyph is pretty dope.
    • I love Flint and Hau is my child.
  • Niconico Douga
    • Ps; ATOLS, Teniwoha, EZFG, niki, neru, Toma
    • Utaite; Fukuwa, Youcha, Nodoame
    • Jikkyou; SaiOre, Kamakubi

I'm super bad at mobile games because I get bored of them easily. I only play FGO actively but I've had stints in other mobile games like Ensemble Stars/Idolish7/Aichuu. I still like my biases from those games. I've been watching some Youtubers lately as well.

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