• Ary-Fox//Non-Binary//She-Them//Lesbian//INFP
  • Hiya, I'm Ary, I'm a mexican animator/digital artist, I love my friends a ton and I'm a very emotional person so I might be touchy about certain topics.

I love cartoons, animated movies and videogames, so yeah, expect me talking a lot about those. I have general/social anxiety so please bear with me. ;w;

I'm currently working on both a webcomic called Nova (which you can read in my DA) and a game called Tea Time Panic, I've only worked on the script so far.

Other accounts

  • DA - AryPrower (not very active)
  • Tumblr - green_thunder_fox (very active)
  • Twitter - shslgeek (very active)
  • Youtube - AryFoxtrot (active)
  • Instagram - Pine_Tree_Fox (never active/rarely use it)
  • Discord - ary#2663 (very active)


  • Commission status: open
  • Requests: friends only
apr 21 2017 ∞
aug 30 2018 +