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  • oh, to paint beautiful sceneries. to hear the sound of the waves hitting the rocks. to look at the stars beside you. to see flowers blooming. to dress soft and warm clothes in the winter. to talk to the moon about you. to write lovely poems. to read love letters. to play with cats. to collect flowers. to see sunflowers smiling to the sun. to be happy seeing friends even more happy. to lay on the sand of the beach and feel the sun in the face. to feel the cold wind playing with the hair. to run in the fields. to wear pink. to drink coffee in the morning. to hear your favorite music. to feel energetic. to feel the warm in your heart when you see their smile. to read your favorite book. to watch your favorite movie for the 13th time. to eat cake. to go to the museum. to dance like it gaves you life. to feel so happy you start crying. to cry. to do pretty ...
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🌿 — dreams come true to those who truly want them

  • ane ...☆ 22 – she/her – infj-a
  • brazilian . pisces sun . ravenclaw
  • journalism student
  • always switching between eng & pt-br
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because there's so much things to be grateful for and i should never forget about it. life is beautiful, be grateful for that.

  • for the sun light when it's cold, dark and cloudy
  • for the girl friends i made along the way
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— love as a light

warm, radiant and golden. when david viscott said "to love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides".

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  • ♡: dancing, ballet, beaches, sea, astronomy, books, yellow flowers, r&b, symbolism in literature, edgar allan poe's books, pink, strawberries, cars, cats, poems, art, jane austen, fashion, howl's moving castle, skz, svt, pride and prejudice, fake dating plots, writing
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