m e d i u m / h i g h - f o c u s

  • what hurts now is like spring rain./ new age 2hrs rp
  • what it feels like waking up to rain at 3 am 1hr
  • february 22, 2001 - a liminal playlist 45min
  • music to make your brain shut up 1hr
  • music to wake up with the sunrise 45min
  • 내가 사랑한 나카무라 유리코의 음악 45min
  • you study to prepare for the upcoming exam | dark academia 3,5hrs
  • 나의 말러 플레이리스트 (mahler's slow movements) 2hrs
  • reading romance (classical + instrumental) 30min
  • a life of eternal swimming / relaxing ambient music 1hr
  • 봄비를 기다렸던 고궁 박물관 직원, 가사 없는 음악 40min
  • 집중하려 들었다가 힐링까지되는, 가사없는 조용한 음악 35min
  • 집중하려 들었다가 힐링까지되는, 가사없는 조용한 음악 세번째 1hr
  • peace. 1hr rp
  • sleep jazz | relaxing jazz music background 1hr rp

m e d i u m - f o c u s

  • i want to have your heart / calm piano music 1hr rp
  • you're alone in the lab at night because the product is still impure (a chemistry playlist) 1hr
  • gregory alan isakov - this empty northern hemisphere (full album) 45min
  • i'm afraid no one will understand if i overcome it alone, lyricless 4hrs rp
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