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"Once the storm is over you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, in fact, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about."

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  • aries
    • are assholes
    • very dramatic
    • party animals
    • entertaining to be around
    • don't care what you think about them
  • taurus
    • the most difficult to define
    • really weird/quirky
    • great sense of humour
    • can be surprisingly mean
    • you love them or hate them
    • very goal-oriented
    • sensual
  • gemini
    • you never know what they're really thinking
    • always gossiping
    • like to keep things light-hearted
    • are friends with other geminis
    • abstract sense of humour/witty
    • smarter than they seem
    • can turn on people easily
  • cancer
    • want to act like your mother
    • love to stay in
    • seem warm and nurturing
    • are actually kind of mean
  • leo
    • think they're the shit
    • act entitled
    • get along with just about anybody
    • love bragging and pretending they're really not
  • virgo
    • good students
    • will do you favors without expecting anything in return
    • probably the most likable sign
    • very calm
    • don't seem like it but are incredibly fun
    • get offended easily
    • take things seriously
    • prone to self-criticism
  • libra
    • always attract other people
    • can never make a connection with them
    • love to dress up and look good
    • often conservative (although they don't seem like it at first)
    • are hot even if they're not
  • scorpio
    • actually really loyal
    • much more emotional that they let on
    • locked off
  • sagittarius
    • don't let anyone walk over them
    • never shut up
    • up for anything
  • capricorn
    • hard-workers
  • aquarius
    • major god complex
    • fit in with every group
    • indescribable
    • don't get attached easily
    • are the coolest sign probably
  • pisces
    • dual nature
    • fascinated by art and aesthetics
    • wish their life was a film-poem
    • insecure
    • seek validation
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feb 14 2019 +
user picture Bru: "probably the most likable sign" AWWWWWWWN "very chill" "don't seem like it but are incredibly fun" MEEEEEEE nov 5 2015
user picture vicky: love virgos! they're never my closest friends but i always like to keep them around ;) nov 6 2015
user picture Rain: love this list <3 but where's scorpio? nov 5 2015
user picture vicky: honestly i just don't know a lot of scorpios! from personal experience it's hard to define any common traits that they share but i'll try my best to think of something haha nov 6 2015