• i beat eric
  • i beat eric
  • i beat eric
  • it was the first time i ever played shuffleboard in my life
  • i have never beat eric at anything (foozball, pool, ping-pong)
  • eric didn't pick me to be on his team
  • dave and i beat him and jason 10 to 4
  • one of my shots went halfway off the table then came BACK on
  • beer (a lot of it)
  • eric was pissed cause he's really competitive.. haha
  • i was soooooo much better than eric
  • i made eric so mad he spit beer on me
  • i kicked eric's ass
may 22 2006 ∞
jul 6 2006 +
user picture jenz: but wait...did you beat eric? may 24 2006