• she has claimed the yellow chair in the living room
  • when she chews her cilantro the air smells like frest cilantro mmmmm
  • how she plays hard to get
  • my bunny is a GIRL, found out from the vet
  • she washed her face... it's the cutest thing ever
  • her tail... it really is like a cottonball
  • she licks eric and i...???? so cute
  • her jumps - she's just learning to jump and it's soooo cute
  • she is terrbily soft
  • her twitching nose
  • she'll jump in your lap
  • when she lays down and her hind legs stick out
  • when she washes her ears... omg so cute
  • when she gets stuck somwhere and makes a lot of noise
  • watching her eat a carrot
jan 12 2007 ∞
sep 25 2008 +
user picture jenz: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH i get to play with him next week!!!!!!!! jan 13 2007
user picture jenz: when i was stroking him last night on his back all of a sudden i looked down and he has sprawled out and was like, sort of purring???? freakin ADORABLE. he's a poop maching though, damn dude. jan 20 2007