• "i don't know what to do with it" - eric referring to calendar i bought him after he said he needed one to start being organized
  • "thank god for all the awful things you've done" - nee
  • "will we rock that shit" (re: vegas) - nee
  • "we went from a place where people were dipping themselves in chocolate to a place where everyone is already dipped in chocolate." - eric
  • "there is nothing that could make me hate you – that is… unless you become a man." - suzie q
  • "i need an air conditioner to calm down my anger management prob." - alanna
  • "this stock is trading like dog shit" - boss
  • "i don't know what 'it' is, but i definitely overdid it." - eric
may 11 2006 ∞
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user picture lisa: i love number 4! may 12 2006
user picture jenz: oh, alana. may 17 2006