• get another book by emma forest
  • learn a new song on guitar
  • sleep for days
  • get a new freaking camera
  • teach gaia how to ride a bike
  • walk up hyde street and check out the swanky restaurants
  • play tennis
  • wash my car
  • get sandra & isaac a wedding present
may 9 2006 ∞
dec 17 2007 +
user picture jenz: ok, when is ny for you? i'm thinking about going in august. i would LOVE to be all S&TC with you and get cosmos. may 26 2006
user picture jenz: 7. hang out with jenz. may 30 2006
user picture jen: YES. for the love of jesus.
user picture lisa: hooray for #1. see you guys soon...it's hot out here!!! jun 20 2006
user picture jenz: IMA MISS YOU! get drunk for me. a lot. jun 21 2006
user picture lisa: dude...set up your webpage for pictures :-) jul 23 2006
user picture alanna: i miss your camera... sep 20 2006
user picture jenz: YOU'RE BACK ON LISTO, OMG dec 18 2007