• try to take a block of time out of every day (or at least most days) to do something good for yourself. uninterrupted, a break from work, school, social media and mindlessness. do something good for the body, brain and/or soul.
  • rekindle your yoga practice. find the motivation to have a more consistent practice without forcing yourself to practice. focus on how the poses feel, not on having the most perfect or advanced asanas. notice the changes that occur in the mind and body as a result of the practice.
  • foster a love of tea. try different varieties. replace coffee with tea more often, since you like sugar and cream in your coffee and that's not the healthiest thing to drink.
  • be more active. don't worry about hitting the gym five times a week; do what feels good and what is enjoyable. mix it up; some days, use the gym. other days, do yoga, swim, dance, walk, stretch, play with the dog, etc. don't force yourself, because that will only lead to resentment.
    • do make it a priority to get more cardio in though... resting heart rate is pretty scary right now
  • practice art more often. if you want a career that involves art and creativity, you should dedicate yourself to doing it regularly. as with everything else on this list, don't force it, but find the motivation to practice. allow your creativity to flow; challenge your skills, but don't be discouraged if you can't make everything look perfect. instead of lamenting your inability to create something one specific way, celebrate the unique way you are able to create.
  • relish in the joy of dance. enjoy your last semester dancing on a stage with your college friends. continue choreographing and busting out random moves on your own, even after you graduate. take some classes, if you have the extra cash. you enjoy it, so do it. you don't need formal classes or stage performances to justify it.
  • eat well, and eat what you enjoy. strive for a balanced diet, not a "perfect" one. indulge here and there. practice self-control, but not deprivation. learn how to make new foods. notice how much better the body feels as your diet becomes more balanced. this will be a challenge, no doubt, but a worthwhile one.
  • take the time to pamper yourself. take a bath, use yummy-scented soaps, paint your nails fun colors, grow out your hair, try new makeup and find clothes you feel comfortable and pretty in. there's a difference between being superfluous with this, and fostering confidence and self-love.
  • set specific spending goals, and put away small amounts on a regular basis. try not to transfer from savings to checking, and use the credit card for gas, occasional large purchases (not a constant stream of little ones, which always add up quicker than you realize), and emergencies. think of your finances like a diet; find the balance between "treat yourself" and total constraint.
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