before you follow

please read my carrd's byf first!

    • dnf if you are hateful & fit standard dfi criteria.
    • lmk of any concerns!
    • fub free!

—— corresponding carrd page:


  • spoilers tagged #spoilers on tlr and spoilers // on twitter!
  • a ♥ on a negative post means my support! lmk if you don't like it though.
  • when i see a negative post, i want to be supportive but half the time i can't without feeling like i'm being intrusive or that i'll do it all wrong or i really don't know what to say... but if you see me liking it, that means that i care, and i hope whatever that's upsetting you will go away soon. please, take good care of yourselves ♡(ू•᎑•ू❁)
  • the byf on my carrd and listo applies to twit & tblr, but many elements apply elsewhere!

more details...


    • reply to posts/tweets!
    • like / favourite posts/tweets
    • reblog / retweet posts/tweets
    • quote ( my ) tweets
    • dm / message even if not mutuals!
    • inbox me!
    • call me by any other nickname
    • unfollow / softblock / mute ( fub free )
      • mute is totally ok!! i don't mind at all.
      • i prefer unfollow, out of the two ( unf / softblock ). i don't mind unf at all!
      • if you softblock, i'd like to know the reason if possible; however i do understand if you can't.
    • ask to tag!
    • 18↑/↓ follow
      • ask to unf if you're uncomfortable!
    • correct me if i'm wrong ( but in a courteous respectful manner pls! )


    • don't be hateful.
    • don't repost without credit.
      • fyi, repost = reuploading an image. reblogging / retweeting = clicking that "reblog" or "retweet" button to have the post on your blog while still keeping original post intact!
      • my criteria
        • most ppl don't like reposting w/o permission; my own personal rule is that i would prefer not to have reposts at all but if you do please include the credit (and if there's a watermark don't remove it!
        • most ppl would like to be credited if you use their edits / artwork for icons / headers; i personally don't mind but would appreciate the credit!
        • this is just a general thing that does not apply to me, as i don't art (yet (or maybe never)), but pls don't include other ppl's art in merchandise / sell other ppl's work for monetary gain w/o their permission...


    • stay strong, i love you

re: unfollowing

    • if i unfollow, it won't be because i dislike you!
    • reasons why i may unfollow:
      • i no longer have any interest in what you post ( most likely ), or
      • you don't tag nsfw or
      • you post something i consider offensive.
    • if you unfollow me and we’ve interacted before, you
      • are still a friend
      • can still msg me (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
    • if i don't follow, it will be for the same reasons as above. do know that i'm still here for you and care ♡
    • on a similar vein, you are not obliged to follow me on any accord unless you genuinely enjoy my content; no matter if we're friends or have had countless interactions, you are the one in charge of what content you'd like to see. take charge and don't feel guilty!
    • selective follow-back; i usually only follow if i like the content and you seem like a nice person.
    • if you reply to my tweets / posts often, there's a higher chance of me following back, if the concept of mutuals is your thing!
    • if i don't reply:
      • i'm busy
      • i don't feel social and want some time alone
      • i'm stressed / procrastinating
      • i didn't see the msg yet
      • msg didn't show up in tumblr inbox / no notif
      • i'm not active on that site anymore
      • in extreme cases, if the ask is spam / hateful
    • i will always try and reply asap.
    • if you need someone to talk to, i can listen (/ cry over characters w/ you, whatever's the case. )


    • i'm bad with nsfw but i can tolerate it, so no worries if you post it as long as it isn't excessive! (i won't follow you if you do post it excessively)
    • i'm very socially inept and lack confidence. i don't want to hurt anyone / offend anyone by accident.
      • i can be accident-prone and misunderstand easily. i also can take things too seriously, or worry over trivial things i've said... that being said, i'm trying my hardest not to think that way, but tell me if you think i'm doing so ;;
    • i really love people!! ! and i appreciate and enjoy any interactions we have!! i just find it difficult sometimes to express my own feelings and / or thoughts.
    • b/c i'm awkward please tell me if i have offended you or am making you uncomfortable ;;
    • sometimes i may be a little sarcastic but it's never more than that, and not meant to be degrading!! it's more like gentle teasing at the most.
      • if it's directed at you and you don't like it, just tell me!!
      • if you're not sure if something is sarcastic or not, you can definitely pop into my dms and ask, no worries!
    • to my followers and people i follow: when unfortunate things are happening to you, i care and i'm listening. i can't promise to be the support you need, or have any advice. i'm no good with words, and i'm afraid of saying something that would worsen the situation. but if you need someone to listen, i'll be here. pop into my dm whenever you want.
    • i try not to hold grudges. in any case, no matter what happens, you are welcome to talk to me, either to comfort or confront, one-on-one.
    • may delete posts / tweets that:
      • have a typo in it
      • is an edit that isn't very well done
      • have duplicates
      • is a negative tweet
    • i try to be open to other's opinions or ideas.
    • i may disagree to something but i will not bash you for anything, opinion or otherwise.

if you... actually read all of this... you're amazing?? (gives you a big hug) thank you for reading! have a lovely day full of sunshine and love ~

sep 25 2016 ∞
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