a list of characters / ideas i relate to heavily. (note: i do not kin these characters, only relate to their personalities!)


takamine midori ( enstars )

    • i connect extremely well with his main flaw because it's my main flaw as well, so it hurts quite a bit
    • hates conflict, and facing painful, difficult, scary, unpleasant things (src: baton pass)
    • "but i'm tired of being the me who is nothing, so..." (src: supernova)
    • gets upset when criticized for "not doing enough" when we're doing the best we can (src: orihime & hikoboshi)
    • delaying things and then regretting not doing it sooner (src: zodiac pt. 1)
    • "just what do you see in me?"
    • entering a profession because it was the "easy way through" (src: baton pass)
    • can do it if we try
    • bad with conversations, awkward, not sure of what to say
    • finds it hard to call people friends (in my case, because i'm afraid the other doesn't consider me that way)
    • never had many friends
    • not good with dealing with criticism
    • mood easily swayed
    • lazy, sleepy, late-nights
    • feels like an inconvenience / dragging people down
    • wants to blend in yet hates being so incompetent
    • finds it hard to ask for help
    • thinks self to be uninteresting
    • emotionally sensitive
    • loves plushies and cute things
    • has a teasing nature to people we're comfortable with

ennoshita chikara ( haikyuu!! )

    • "plain-looking"
    • doesn't attract attention
    • lacks confidence
    • self-deprecates??
    • somewhat lazy
    • feels as if (we're) not good enough
    • takes care of others
    • somewhat sarcastic
    • looks sleepy all the time
    • "but i ran away"... doesn't pursue opportunities due to the hardships associated with said opportunity
      • "coward"


aoba tsumugi ( ensemble stars! )

    • anxious
    • sensitive
    • ( seems to be ) unfazed to jibes
    • dullens emotions
    • lucky items
      • though not superstitious i have whims about "lucky & unlucky situations/objects"
    • wears glasses
    • emotionally unstable
    • acts nice & friendly with others
    • dislikes hurting others
    • does others wrong anyhow
    • "average, not talented"
    • likes supporting others
    • dislikes the cold
    • libraries
    • "i am a trash worm"...
    • "i will treat it as another's affair and won't be hurt" sudden revelation that this is?? actually true. dammit
      • also i did an enstars "who are you" test and i got tsumugi
      • even before knowing who tsumugi is i have always been wary of sakasaki natsume ( that being said sakasaki is a good boy )

riko sakurauchi ( love live! )

    • reserved, modest
    • likes indoor activities
    • looks calm and mature
    • panics easily
    • jumps to conclusions and makes mistakes
    • does not think (we) are special
    • plays the piano, composes
    • likes sandwiches

hanamaru kunikida ( love live! )

    • hardworking, diligent
    • reads alone
    • easily distracted
    • self-depreciating??
    • gentle, caring
    • procrastinator
    • "neither cute nor interesting"


  • kozume kenma ( haikyuu!! )
  • hajime shino ( enstars )
    • socially inept
    • likes reading
    • diligent
  • minami kotori ( ll )
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