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• ★ = primary kintype
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• Lumin is what I call my dæmon. We are one and the same in this life as he is just another piece of me, but we've lived many lives in separate bodies in the past, so he has some kintypes that are his alone and not mine.

vernal kinlist (video games)
kinlist (rwby)
kinlist (ai: the somnium files)
kinlist (pokemon media)
kinlist (non-character pokemon)

★ corvidkin (primarily raven, but extends to all other corvids as well)
red-tailed hawk
spectral black dog (myth/folklore/symbol)
huginn and/or muninn (norse mythology)

Faolán Eisner - Fire Emblem: Three Houses (daemon au)
Link - Twilight Princess
Merlyn - Wolfwalkers
Nevermore - RWBY
Owl - Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure
Ozvaldo Hrafnavins - Genshin Impact
Sky Blue - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Taka - Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies
Qrow Branwen - RWBY
Ulysse/Ruth - The Ancient Magus' Bride

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