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  • as much as the place was small | yoongi/hoseok/jimin | How a human Jung Hoseok taught cynical stray hybrids Min Yoongi and Park Jimin that having a place that felt like home, surrounded by love and care, was sometimes all a stray really needed.
  • a thousand and one | yoongi/hoseok | although yoongi had the outwards appearance of a twenty something year old, he had the tendencies a way of speaking of someone way before his time. hoseok always just took it as him being a grumpy old man (as he would teasingly say to the elder). but yoongi was actually centuries years old. he’d lived through many monarchs and wars- with memories of each as if it was only yesterday.
  • and like flowers in his hands, death blo... | yoongi/jungkook | "i have this friend, he has a spare room," namjoon says, and he sounds apologetic. "he's an undertaker."
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