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ich will meine Träume nicht nur träumen ich will sie auch erleben!

I live in my own world. Not everyone understands it, sorry.
I love to live my dreams and I do that all the time.
Addicted to musicals, german language, parfumes, tea & bags.

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  • my parents. they're my inspiration, my friends, my help... they have really rescued me.
  • my grandma. she's like the second mother to me.
  • school(s) and everything connected with that... not nice things.
  • my acne and what i had to endure...
  • J. as a teacher and as a person
  • my english teacher from secondary school. i really love her. for everything.
  • watching lotr for the first time, REALLY!
  • the first The Rasmus concert
  • my knee problems
  • "elisabeth" and mate&serkan interview
  • my granddad... i cannot write it down... it's just... more spiritual)
  • monika & every little thing we did/do/have done together.. it's just... my sister from another mother! :) <3
  • situation with M. that was... sad... but I think I did a right thing... ok, NO REGRETS!
  • passing a driving licence, YEAAH!!!!
  • my first trip to vienna (august 2010)
  • first "phantom" (28.03.2008)
  • first musical trip (berlin, dec. 2011)
  • "meeting" Lea, it doesn't matter it's online. (so far!), but it's nice to know you're not the only one freak like this!
  • the first year of makro-studies & the decision of changing it
  • the first year of german filology (i really do love my studies!)
  • the holidays of 2012... berlin trip for sure!!!
  • meeting La. oh, come on, she's just crazy & I love it :)
  • death of Asia. I will never believe it & I'll never understand why...
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