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ich will meine Träume nicht nur träumen ich will sie auch erleben!

I live in my own world. Not everyone understands it, sorry.
I love to live my dreams and I do that all the time.
Addicted to musicals, german language, parfumes, tea & bags.

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  • 20.09.2008, Roma SD...
  • the first phantom
  • phantom last show
  • "i have promised you... how could i not play today... i told i would and so i am. :)" "but you've got fever, flu and..." "but i promised you"
  • "angels" sung just into my eyes.... oh gosh! i was dead then.
  • "i'll never forget you... always-smiling-zosia... that's unforgettable..."
  • the first-last łukasz as raoul show
  • "go there, wait for my call! you'll get those tickets!"
  • asking damian what was he going to sing, telling him that was my favourite song and then dancing with him to that song ON THE STAGE!!!!! FUUUCKING AMAZING!!!
  • a concert for peter and me on the stage, haha
  • the first carmen
  • "these are my girls!!! they have come here just for me! from warsaw!!!"
  • "I play for you..."
  • sms from monika "drew in berlin!!!!!!!!"
  • tanz der vampire in berlin & meeting drew sarich for the first time :) "hallelujaah!!!!"
  • the first hinterm horizont & meeting serkan kaya for the first time, haha
  • the second time in berlin, and 3hiho shows set <3
  • "hey, i remember you!!!!"
  • UDO LINDENBERG live seen, hahahaha!!!!! ooommm!!!!
  • hiho show 30.08.2012...:D:D
  • Mein Ding (always!!!!!!! every time, aaahhh!!!)
  • Candy Jane live <3
  • "i saw you! you were a really great audience... such people like you, are always the best ones! thank you for that!"
  • "are you going to come back...? it would be really great to see you again someday in the audience" (YEAH.... not in HiHo my dear... :( )
  • "waaar...waaar... how did you call it...?!"
  • "actually... we're not leaving...."
  • "i had such a nice 5 minutes there with you... i wish i could devote you much more time... so.. actually... can i hug you...?"
  • "we need to. we HAVE to!!! Even if I'm going to eat nothing for the rest of our stay, we're going!!!!"
  • "soo... i have 2 places in the middle, in the first row... - take it!!!"
  • "Hinterm Horizont" with Lea... that was... magical :)
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