• While grocery shopping with my mum, I pretended to be a lizard, and stuck my tongue out every now and then, as lizards do. I think I looked a bit weird.
  • I sometimes also took my favourite soft toy cat with me. I was delighted when a cashier once thought it was a real cat. Years later I understood she was probably just playing along with me.
  • I took that same cat everywhere else too, it travelled everywhere with me. I'm actually quite sad that it didn't get to go with Paris with me, but perhaps next time I shall sacrifice some of my luggage for it to fit in, for old time's sakes.
  • I heard that diamonds are found inside rocks. Sometime later I found a huge rock, maybe a bit smaller than my head, in the school yard. I carried it around in my backpack for the next week, trying to think of ways to get the diamonds out. Then my teacher found out about said rock, took it away and scolded me for carrying such a heavy thing around. No diamonds for me then.
  • Once I started getting small letters from a fairy called Coco. She'd always leave the letters somewhere in my room, on the desk or cupboard, and I'd always answer and leave my reply in the same place. Sometimes she sent me fairy dust or the very soft fur from her cat. When we moved to another country, I asked her to come with us. She did, but gradually she stopped sending letters and fairy dust and cat fur. I don't remember when exactly it happened, but only years later I found out that there was no Coco and it had been my sister all along. I still remember all that with fondness though.
  • I had lots of toys, but only a privileged few got to sleep out of the cupboard (this privileged few changed periodically, but it always included the afore mentioned cat). At one point, I got it into my head that what if, while I was sleeping, they were plotting some kind of way to kill me for enslaving them in the cupboard. So every night I had to say good night to them all, just to keep them happy. And apparently it worked, for I am still alive to this day (and I still believe that seemingly inanimate objects do in fact have feelings).
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