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  • when people clip/file their nails while riding public transportation
  • when over-the-counter restaurant menus flash fullscreen pictures of food while you're trying to view items on the menu
  • when sentimental pop music turns sour because it's played on the radio far too often
    • e.g. "7 Years" by Lukas Graham
  • when automatic toilets flush on their own while sitting on the stool
    • also when there's more than two bathroom stalls available for use and a person chooses to use the neighboring stall
  • the use of the word "being" that's not used to describe a quintessential essence
    • e.g. saying "with that being said" as opposed to "with that said" or saying "they're being childish" as opposed to "they're acting childish"
  • the term "Chicago native" to describe a person who's actually a "life-long Chicagoan"
    • why call yourself a native when you're not native American
  • seeing a movie for the first time, accompanied by someone who's seeing that movie for a second time
  • Anglo-Saxon Jesus
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