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▸ Senior year

  • feeling terrified to answer the telephone when I was put on-guard at the front desk (the necessary duties to fulfill financial aid requirements)

▸ Junior year

  • going to Confession, lingering in homeroom to finish a scrapbook project, then arriving permissibly late to Italian class because "Confession took too long"

▸ Sophomore year

  • speech class, giving a "how-to" presentation about baking kolackys, handing them out to my speech classmates after my presentation. I got a B on that speech.
  • having locker troubles on the first day of school and carrying my belongings everywhere, and getting the dean of students (and eventually the janitor) involved in opening up the locker; my partner simply stored her belongings in another person's locker

▸ Freshman year

  • the Spanish teacher bringing his guitar to school to sing Spanish Christmas songs
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