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  • 2017
    • Smashmouth's All-Star
    • when Sam stepped on the hidden nail (while barefoot) and the corner was closed 14+ days for "renovation" (feat. caution tape)
  • 2016
    • Emma's ultimate stacc
    • the creation of the facebook meme page
    • returning after summer and discovering the PokemonGO glitches the player's location in the corner
    • establishing a temporary corner in A&L when the student center closed from the Milo Y. visit/protests
    • googly eyes everywhere on April Fool's Day
    • that one time an open house event gave us balloons
  • 2015
    • ordering Bacci's pizza
    • the addition (and swift removal) of the carbonated milk machine in the cafeteria
    • "sit on the bench with us, nerds"
    • playing the game coup on Joel's birthday
  • 2014
    • the release (and longstanding presence of) Super Smash Bros on the 3DS
    • the removal of the game room (most notably the DDR machine) and the addition of the demon den
    • (commuting from the loop and) surprising Eric on his birthday with ice cream cake
    • Singing Sarah
    • taking a photo of the corner for my wgs manifesto assignment
    • when the student center gave away carnations for Valentine's Day
    • Twitch Plays Pokemon
  • 2013
    • the discovery of Hentai Kamen
    • Mayra's surprise birthday: decorating the corner with balloons before her arrival
    • Sizzle changed their recipe for their pizza, and moved the pizza to the kitchen
    • watching Johnathan's laptop literally paid off
    • the time Michael asked out Mayra, the winning bidder, on an awkward date with flower petals
    • League of Legends was pretty popular around this time
    • the black and white picture of Nikki, hanging in the center of the corner
    • playing Flow (in the vicinity of the corner) on Wednesdays
  • 2012
    • I would stroll through the student center and regularly observe the corner from a great distance, but never actually sat on the benches until early January 2013
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