I can't think of all of them. This is sort of in order from 8 years old to now. (My parents made custom furniture for a living). All these are paid jobs.

  • furniture finisher
  • furniture shop cleaner
  • paper boy
  • Shop cleaner at Mercedes Benz garage
  • Clerk at used record store
  • furniture installer
  • furniture maker
  • Ballet Dancer
  • Video store clerk
  • Bookstore clerk
  • Parking Lot Attendant at Candlestick Park
  • Winnie the Pooh at kids birthday parties
  • Simba the Lion King at a kids Birthday Party (only once)
  • Movie Camera check out
  • secret/mystery shopper
  • undercover security agent (I arrested people)
  • Theater house manager
  • Temp - File Clerk
  • Temp - Title Company
  • Delivery Truck Driver
  • Parts Manager
  • furniture repairman
  • Upright Bass Player in a country band
  • Mechanic
  • Service Manager
  • Service Writer
  • National Dealer Representative
  • Electric Bass Player in soul bands
  • High School teacher
  • Landscaper
  • Website builder
  • Substitute Teacher
  • Resident Artist
  • Teaching Assistant
  • University Lecturer
  • Guest Speaker
  • Research and Development Fellow
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Consultant
  • Senior Fellow
  • Adjunct Faculty
  • Regular Full Time Faculty
  • Co-Director of a non-profit organization
  • President of a non-profit organization
  • Video Director
  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Professor

And I have made part of my living as an artist since 2002.

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user picture lisa: whoa. this is a fasinating list. winnie the pooh to undercover security agent to mystery shopper? i don't think i can trust you anymore or anything you say. jun 21 2007
user picture Steve Lambert: it's all true. I've just been adding a few things as I remember them, like I was Simba at a brithday party once and I also was paid to be in a couple ballets. But yeah, you can trust me.
user picture jenz: i'm intrigued by ballet dance to mechanic to TA. jun 23 2007
user picture Pam: interesting list. was is fun be simba? sep 12 2008
user picture pat: wow! this is a great idea and i hope you don't ind me using it for my website...I'm looking for work, and find myself hard to explain! Also very much like the list of things to ask when applying for teaching jobs. jul 14 2011
user picture José Mauricio: Excelent list! thank you oct 7 2015