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  • when pluto was a planet
  • blondes were better than brunettes
  • Harry Potter and Jess Mariano made reading cool
  • you could still find some music on MTV
  • gas prices were high at $1.50
  • saturdays were welcomed with cartoons
  • video games were not nearly as fucking intense
  • 3D movie still only showed in red and blue
  • when beepers were seen outside of museums
  • you needed a messenger-bag to carry your cellphone
  • we duked it out over Nick or Aaron Carter instead of Jake or Edward
  • celebrities were judged by their work and not some stalker's cheep-thrills snapshots
  • radios rocked boy bands, Britney, Christina, and Pink
  • the internet now compared to then (speed, everyday access to information, the hoops you have to use to make sure information is credible now-a-days, the fazing out of physical interaction entirely, the ability to know who you're actually talking to, dating, it's ability to ruin your entire life if you aren't careful what you put on your sites)
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