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juls, 30 biggest procrastinator ever.
i love movies and tv shows and i'm currently studying communication to become a producer :)

wandererjulia follows:
lungoinverno travel (CPH)


  • loki commentary
  • sif x loki
  • darcy
  • sif x thor


  • sif x thor
  • darcy tasered him
  • heimdall night watchng


  • there's only one god ma'm and i'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that
  • son just don't
  • flying monkeys
  • regimes fall everyday i tend not to week over that
  • power 400% capacity
  • captain america is on threat watch
  • it seems to run on some form of electricity
  • the humans think us immortals
  • son you've got a condition
  • and he didn't invite me
  • Steve "i'm having a bad day" Rogers (CACW - CATWS)
  • stupid ass decision


  • star lord legendary outlaw
  • i forgot you were here
  • it'll grow back you idiot
  • if it isn't star prince
  • what a bunch of a-holes
  • what's a rackoon
  • we need all available combats
  • i was kidding about the leg
  • you're an imbecille
  • no one's gonna blow out moons
  • your ship is filthy
  • because I am one of the idiots who lives here
  • i have a plan
  • i will be grateful to de among frends
  • pretty sure the answer is i am groot
  • dancing groot
  • dance it off bro
  • finger to the throat menas dearh
  • we are taking orders from

- gamora gifs with caption: I am gonna die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy


  • I already tried nothing
  • my mother sculpted me from clay
  • they do not deserve you
  • what i do is not up to you
  • the war to end all wars
  • outfit n 226
  • i forbid it
  • typical example of your sex
  • i am taking you to the front
  • bad guy convention
  • specs
  • and not a single men among them


  • where is this crown
  • i could really use a fast exit
  • behold my stuff
  • i know exactly where he is
  • i dumped her
  • i don't drink tea
  • do you have a computer
  • all right bye bye
  • loki lift your magic
  • you sound like him
  • i beg your pardon
  • my father is dead
  • you're officially pardoned
  • see you later new doug
  • i wanted to be a valkyrie
  • thor sparkles arena
  • to execute people
  • how long have you been like that
  • i don't even like banner
  • thor go
  • what's going on
  • i'll listen to you until this is empty
  • welcome point break
  • did i win
  • i thought the valkyries all died gruesome deaths
  • im on an alien planet
  • banner is useful too
  • i'll be tony
  • the grandmaster uses for orgies
  • you're a scientist use one of your phds
  • welcome home i saw you coming
  • i am not as strong as you
  • i am not doing get help
  • best of hela
  • best of loki
  • best of valkyrie


  • i'm gonna pick up a fossil
  • i do share
  • you're always so dramatic
  • it's been so long
  • ultimate fighting
  • if i run in these shoes they're gonna fall off
  • you still uncomfortable
  • was that your first kiss
  • there's a chance you might be in the wrong business
  • lilian, lip piercing right?
  • how do we know the good guys from the bad
  • best of sam wilson
  • 41st floor!


  • 9 gifs best of lois lane
  • on whose autority
  • i can do things other people can't
  • i have so many questions
  • what if a child aspire to something greater
  • my father believed
  • thank you for believing in me
  • a good death is its own reward
  • this man is not our enemy
  • isn't that a good thing
  • superman, that's what they call him
  • you may wanna get back a little bit
  • haven't giving up lecturing me
  • it's all downhill after the first kiss
  • i know you're trying to find where i hang my cape
  • i just think he's kinda hot
  • 8 gifs clark/supes


  • iconic lines
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