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  • Showered early in the morning
  • Ate a few Riesens
  • Was stopped by a stranger because my dress crept up, so my underwear was showing
  • Was late for school, so was my great friend
  • Had sanskrit-classes for two hours
    • We went to see the collection of books and articles about Eastern Religions and New Religions up on the 5th floor
    • Spectacular, there were old files about sects, Punks in the 80's, New Age and hippies plus a lot of sanskrit books - We're total nerds
  • Charlotte turned 22
  • Bought a chocolate muffin in the faculty's new canteen
  • Hanging on the terrace in the sun with Rebecca and Ronja, in between our instructor classes
  • Discussed Plato, Aristotle and their differences
  • Got on a bus for one stop
  • Watched new episodes of Weeds, The Big C, The Daily Show
  • Went on Tumblr
  • Ate pita with tuna salad
  • Called in sick at work, have to find another shift before next month
  • Slept for 30 minutes
  • Watched a show about 4 danish celebrity's having dinner together. I absolutely love the host of the night, Simon Jul, a comedian
  • Went shopping for groceries - pears, apples, cheese, butter, nachos
  • Made Nachos
  • Saw the news about the bomber in Copenhagen, supposedly being identified
  • Called my sister at boarding school, she's busy making friends and tend to forget about life outside of school
    • my plans of going to Amsterdam with her next month seems to fail
  • Spent time at this forum
  • listened to the song: Game Called Life by Leftover Cuties (it's the Theme Song for The Big C)
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