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nov 15 2017 ∞
nov 15 2017 +

I take to comfort whispering

Secrets to myself

Knowing I will always



The light conversation

Quickly dies

Once I make my presence



Am I really so



An aching heart pleas quietly

Begging for a heart

That finally listens to

Her cry


It's a thing that shakes

My very core

To know I'm so

Easily ignored

nov 14 2017 ∞
nov 14 2017 +

Maybe if it slowed down

I'd be able to catch my breath

I can keep up with you yet

Even if I crash in the end


And I know you resent the crash

You wonder why my eyes always sag

I never act like I'm feeling bad

But it's festering quietly


The voices in my head

Telling me it's all my fault

The unavoidable assault

And I can't speak a word to you


I'm afraid you'll forget

I'm human too with needs and healing

I haven't dealt with my feelings

Because of the lock on my lips


That I placed there while you slept

Keep all the words never said

nov 14 2017 ∞
nov 14 2017 +

Hello, my name is Skyler.

Female she/her

20 YO

Feel free to comment on this to say hello

nov 14 2017 ∞
nov 15 2017 +
  • They invite everyone to lunch, but I'm always skipped over.
  • The relief blooming in people's chest when they stop talking to me.
  • The way he hunches his shoulders forward to hide the extra muscle on his chest that should not be there.
  • I've always been the awkward one no one wants to talk to.
  • I can always see when he's nervous. He picks at his nails.
nov 15 2017 ∞
nov 15 2017 +