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  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on their royal visits are just delightful
  • finding a perfectly ripe avocado in my little basket full of still good veg & fruit from the eco-supermarket
  • standing in the kitchen and just preparing all the food (bread casserole, oven veggies, apple & pears)
  • bagels for dinner & a pirate munchkin game
  • the delicious tony's chocolonely chocolate the nice bookseller gifted me at an event last month
  • daffodils & this super-fruity mango jam
  • my table covered in colourful magazine snippets (blue skies, flowers, porcelain with gold rim) and a whole afternoon & evening spent making valentine's cards and rainbow heart garlands
  • having just set foot in England again and admiring the Whittard and Charbonnel & Walker chocolates. Oh, London ♥
  • standing in front of a shelf of so many munchkin games! also buying two pretty dice at the Orc‘s Nest
  • the thought of meeting Ella Risbridger tonight at her event; hearing Ella speak in person, seeing and meeting her, she signed both my books (the cookbook and my print of her lipstick columns) and said "This is the most dedicated thing anyone has ever done for me" when i showed her the printed lipstick columns, also Kate Young was completely brilliant, self-confident and lovely
  • strolling in SoHo and Covent Garden with all their lovely shops and cafés, seeing Thick Kevin from "Radio Rock Revolution"
  • buying a roasting tin, Maldon sea salt flakes and an actually portable bottle of golden syrup for just 1 £, so i'll be able to cook from Ella's cookbook well
  • my flat smelling of roast tomatoes to make Ella's delicious tomato soup with
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