a. 23 . female .

  • mbti: infp/infj-t vegan virgo eclectic witch lover of the light dog person on my way to spiritual ascension luminous being in love with words, nature and space blue eyes red/blonde hair 5'4'' bi with poly/lith/grey tendencies depression depersonalisation/derealisation star seed introvert freigeist writer and poet artist wanderer, explorer, vagabond heart, travel addict, location independence daughter of the earth panentheism buddhist & taoist & ∞ spirituality white magick healthy lifestyle (fitness, healthy & vegan food, yoga) ♡ alternative lifestyle ♡ freedompreneur ♡ mindfulness & awareness minimalism & zero waste creator & artist mixing science with philosophy and spirituality meditation and manifestation addict in love with the great outdoors
  • patronus: mongrel wand: larch wood / unicorn hair core / 11'' / slightly springy flexibility hogwarts house: ravenclaw/ravenpuff ilvermorny house: horned serpent
aug 13 2016 ∞
mar 23 2018 +