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  • all those beautiful articles written by ruby tandoh surrounding her new book 'eat up'
  • a little child hardly able to walk in its snowsuit: rainbow striped top half, little stars bottom half
  • unexpectedly and officially half a day off at the office: being cozy at home, with blue sky & sunshine, cooking, my own internet installed ~ and today season 3 of 'Outlander' was released on netflix!
  • the big, calming lake on the train route from Beuel to Cologne, just behind/ before Cologne Trade Fair Deutz
  • a jack russel terrier in a knitted pullover on the tram
  • actual real palm trees growing from the soil in israel! i did not know i had such a sweet spot for palm trees
  • a delicious, fresh and very colourful falafel near the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem
  • all those different and cute cats all over Jerusalem ~ jerusalem, the cat city & tel aviv, the dog city
  • israeli delicacies i had so far: falafel, hummus, pomegranate juice ♥, knafhe (warm goat’s cheese in spun sugar), challah, shakshukah, limonana lemonade, also had: self-made tomato sauce with a delicious red onion, cucumber and tomato salad with lemon juice and olive oil, a Jaffa orange for breakfast, strawberries!
  • the turquoise and beautiful Mediterranean sea and the Yafo/ Jaffa promenade
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